Presentation and Use


55lb bags in pallets of 50 bags.

Conserve in a dry (the product cannot be wet) and fresh place (temperatures below 77º F).

Expiration Period:
1 year.

Approximate protein equivalence compared to soybean expeller:
A full team of Soybean expeller (66,000 lbs.) = 3 NITRUM pallets (7,700 lbs.)

Nitrum24® is a high-concentration product which needs certain considerations for use:

· Consumption of Nitrum24® per animal should be monitored daily so as to not exceed recommended maximum for each category.

· Habituation: gradually increase the dose of Nitrum24® for 15 days until attaining the desired amount.

· The mix with the other components of the ration must be uniform and given immediately prior to treatment.

· If Nitrum24® consumption is close to the maximum values, it is recommended to ration into two daily meals.

· When Nitrum24® is mixed with bulky fodder in the mixer, put it in after all the other components and sprinkle across the surface.

· Nitrum24® must not exceed 2% of the total dry matter of the ration offered.

· For dry diets with whole corn, it should be mixed with 20% milled grain to prevent that the product be stratified.

Always consult with a trusted nutritionist.
The Company will not be held responsible for the incorrect use of the product.