Nitrum24® is a urea protected by a microporous capsule with a controlled release of nitrogen to the rumen. It’s a new product (CITA 2013 Award for technological innovation), developed for four years in conjunction with INTA Concepcion del Uruguay.

 How it works

In the rumen, microorganisms degrade the true dietary protein generating carbon chains and ammonia. Nitrum24® directly contributes the ammonia needed by bacteria to form the protein. Per unit of Nitrum24®, 2.62 times more microbial protein is synthesized, which is to say it has a protein concentration of 262% PB.

Nitrum24® has a similar release rate to the soybean expeller, with the advantage that Nitrum24® is fully exploited by the animal and that the freed space allows for the exclusion of fiber thus improving ruminal health.

 Ruminal Balance

Nitrum24® satisfies the requirements of ruminal bacteria by maximizing growth and activity. Increased microbial mass generates a greater and constant supply of high quality protein to the small intestine. Moreover, the bacteria responsible for the degradation of the fiber use 100% of the nitrogen supplied by Nitrum24®, improving rumen function and fiber digestibility.


The gradual release of nitrogen introduced by Nitrum24® allows for synchronization with the energy stemming from the diet. The total utilization of ruminal ammonia and fermentable carbohydrates minimizes the environmental impact caused by the excretion of urea and eliminates much of the odors produced in housed systems, while decreasing the urea in milk.

Unlike true protein sources, Nitrum24® supplies the rumen with nitrogen in a simple chemical manner, which doubles the efficiency of energy use. Thus, the energy supplied by 1 kg. Soybean expeller can be replaced by 500g of corn or 1.5 kg. of silo.

 Improve the protein level and digestibility of your silo


The high content of Nitrum24® PB easily adjusts unbalanced diets in all categories of dairy animals at a lower cost per kg. in the PB market.


Survey made by INTA on use of Nitrum24 in commercial dairies.

Nitrum24® covered between 10 and 20% of the total nitrogen input in the diet throughout the year with a minimum participation in the ration volume.

The doses used in Nitrum24® were found to be between 100 and 280gr/animal/daily.

Nitrum24® reduced costs per kg. of PB and simplified management.

Nitrum24® decreased input costs, maximizing the use of the food produced in the field.

Dairy farms analyzed produced, from the stabilizing of the protein level of the diet, the proposed production targets (26 lts. Average throughout the year), with normal levels of protein and fat in milk.

• Improve and stabilize the protein level of the diet
• Increase free liters
• Reduce the cost of supplementation
• Increase milk solids
• Improve fiber digestibility
• Improve efficiency in energy use
• Reduce the milk urea
• Eliminate odors in intensive systems
• Simplify management in all categories
• Improve the protein level and digestibility of its silo
• Easily adjust diet protein
• Reduce transportation costs and storage
• Reduce input costs