Nitrum24® is a urea protected by a microporous capsule with a controlled release of nitrogen to the rumen.

It’s a new product (CITA 2013 Award for technological innovation), developed for four years in conjunction with INTA Concepcion del Uruguay.

In the rumen, microorganisms degrade the true protein from the diet, generating carbonated chains and ammonium. Nitrum24® supplies the rumen directly with the ammonium the bacteria need to form their protein. For each Nitrum24® unit, microbial proteins are synthesized 2,62 times more, which is the same as saying that Nitrum24® has a protein concentration of 262 % BP.

Manages the protein in your diet!

Nitrum24® can partially or fully replace traditional protein sources.

Nitrum24® has a release rate similar to that of the soybean expeller, with the advantage that supplying nitrogen in a simple way duplicates energy efficiency:

870 g. Soybean Expeller = 100 g. of Nitrum24® + 420 g. of corn.

Corn o Sorghum
8% Protein
8% Protein
signs-02 Nitrum24®
262% Protein
signs-01 12%-16%

Rebreeding with sorghum silo at INTA Concepción del Uruguay

We followed up on 30, 433lbs PV steer, fed whole plant silage sorghum (32.7% MS and 6.18% BP) offered with a self-sustaining cage and supplied daily with 1% PV with corn grain and ground sorghum (50:50) in pans with 90g of Nitrum and 70g of mineral core.

Improving production with the lowest cost means decreasing the business risk and capital invested apart from increasing profitability. I’m going to make better use of my fields and decrease the purchase of consumable goods off-field.

Nitrum24® Test + silo + corn and Pellet + Silo + corn

Tests run at La Caledonia ranch in General Villegas with 291 animals, lasting 177 days.

 Nitrum24® and Soybean Expeller comparison in fattening rations at INTA C. del Uruguay

“I incorporated point technology while keeping an eye on costs”