Nitrum24® allows for synchronization in the Release of Non-Protein-Nitrogen with the energy stemming from the diet. Apart from generating a constant protein synthesis through time, it also generates an efficient use of energy and Nitrogen.

The high concentration of raw protein and the gradual input of ammonium (NH3) that Nitrum24® provides, satisfies the requirement of the rumen bacteria, maximizing growth and activity. The bacteria in charge of the fiber degradation take full advantage of the ammoniac nitrogen, thus maximizing the cattle’s rumen and achieving an increase in Digestibility (D) with an excellent conversion efficiency.

Microbial protein is of the upmost importance in milk production in dairy farms because it has an amino acid (aa) profile very similar to the one required by the mammary gland for the milk synthesis process.

The uniform concentration of ammonium (NH3) in a means with available energy, results in greater production of the microbial protein (MP), with maximum and efficient use of the nitrogen. The increase in microbial mass becomes a major and constant high quality protein contribution to the beef cattle’s small intestine.